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Deleted 2 years ago

really damn my bad, ya enjoy it ?

The only comments for improvements would be - the gun looks like a sausage with mustard and I could cheat by shooting through walls in some places! Otherwise, very cute pixel art and nice game feel! :)

yh i'll have to fix that , its due to the pixels distorting when it turns, someone told me theres a fix for it so i'll look around and oh yh i'll have to check on the hidden spaces of walls ya can shoot through

Awesome Work! Keep making nice games like this. :)

thanks alot man 

Hey, just played a bit and I think controls feel pretty good and as I'd expect. The art is fun. The aspect ratio of the game was a bit frustrating. Enemies coming up from the bottom or top give little time to react to compared to the sides.

Also the quest "text" seemed to reset me every time which was a bit unexpected.

thanks i'll have tofix that resetting stuff

Dynamic, fast, effective
What can you still expect?


thanks alot man , still editing it a bit more with the feed back i got 


The game as i can tell looks dope and shading is great to blend in darkness as it adds something, great job dude hope to see more from you.

thanks alot man